Visiting the Norman Rockwell Museum, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

The Norman Rockwell Museum, established in 1969, originally occupied the “Old Corner House” on Main Street in Stockbridge. Eventually the collection outgrew the house, and in 1993 the museum moved to its present location, just outside of town. It is the largest collection of Norman Rockwell’s work, containing more than 570 of his original paintings and drawings. Norman Rockwell moved his family to Stockbridge in 1953, where he lived until his death in 1978. In addition to the museum, Rockwell’s converted carriage house studio was also relocated to the museum grounds where it overlooks the Housatonic River Valley. Rockwell’s detailed, expressive, and often humorous depictions of American life are among the most recognizable works of art from a 20th century artist. His paintings and drawings regularly graced the covers of magazines, including The Saturday Evening Post, and Life. The museum is open daily, May through October, 10 – 4 weekdays and 10 – 5 weekends. Below: Norman Rockwell’s Studio, the Museum:

Bruce Hunt


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