Visiting Italy, Part 3

I caught up with Cameron in Pisa, where we saw the Leaning Tower. Yes, it was mobbed with tourists and there was a bit of a carnival atmosphere there, but I was awed nonetheless. First, it was taller than I expected—190 feet, and it leaned more precariously than I expected. But even more impressive was the 900-year-old Duomo di Pisa across from the tower. From Pisa, we drove to Maranello (see Part 1 below) then up to Bolzano and the Italian Alps. Bolzano is a beautiful university town, as much German and Austrian as it is Italian. We ate hearty beef goulash in a German restaurant, and rummaged through the vegetable stands (colossal bell peppers!) in the best street market I have ever seen. We also visited the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology and saw Otzi the 5000-year-old man, discovered frozen and remarkably-preserved in the Alps in 1991. Next stop: Venice. I had just one afternoon in Venice before having to return to Milan and fly home, but Cameron saw to it that I took in all the highlights—see photos below. As of this writing, Cameron is still in Italy (due home at the end of this week). She stayed in Venice for several days before going to Florence for five days, and is now wrapping up her trip at a B&B in Sorrento, down on the Amalfi coast.

Bruce Hunt



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  1. Leslie Poole

    Fabulous. Thanks for taking me along on your trip. The photography is beautiful and looks like the weather was too!

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