Lonesome Highway 98, The Oyster Trail



The proverbial cat is out of the bag–I have a new book contract for a Florida seafood book from Globe Pequot Press (due out in October 2016). So I’m crisscrossing the state, sampling great seafood, and recently visited the Panhandle–oyster country. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE.

Bruce Hunt


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One response to “Lonesome Highway 98, The Oyster Trail

  1. Bcuz

    [image: Inline image 1]Bruce, did you see this restaurant? I must’ve driven by this 20 times before I figured out what the name was saying. duh. Becky

    How was south Florida? Jupiter/Boca? hope it was great..

    [image: http://makeyourmark.markandgraham.com/widget/monograms/monogram_2014-03-11_21-00-29.png?tp=i-H43-Q2S-36j-2h8XJe-3P-5DS-1c-2DLOTY-1FV1XN&cm_ven=Email&cm_cat=MYM&cm_pla=Main&cm_em=beckydreisbach@gmail.com%5D

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